cd 2...

will be left at café Blauwbrug, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
on wednesday, may 3rd, 2006
approximate time: 18.00

cd 1 has...

been given to a beautiful lady at café Dudok this afternoon, at approximately 18.30


will follow as soon as cd 1 has been left at...

café Dudok, Hilversum, the Netherlands
on april 26th, 2006

Lees verder...

what happens

...when 10 cd's are left in 10 different places

will people listen to them and come here to let us know what they think of it?
and then leave them again for someone else to find?
where will they find them and leave them?
trainstation, airport, restaurant, swimmingpool, shoppingmall
who knows?

the first 10 locations will be specified here starting on
april 26th, 2006
with cd 1

during the following weeks the other locations will be published
so check to track!



where is it
who found it
and listened to it
and left it again
for someone else to find
and listen to
and leave again
for someone else to find
and listen to
and .........